Andor’s Cast Can”t Stop Praising Their Director, Saying His Star Wars Fandom Was Infectious

Andor’s Cast Can’t Stop Praising Their Director, Saying His Star Wars Fandom Was Infectious

Andor might be the best thing Star Wars has released in decades, and director Toby Haynes is a reason.

Star Wars fans are not happy with this news

Star Wars fans aren’t happy with Rian Johnson’s explanation about The Last Jedi’s ending, and how it possibly didn’t give J.J Abrams much to work with when making The Rise of Skywalker.

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When will toxic star wars fans stop saying “I’m done with star wars” and actually stop grifting


Willow continues to TORMENT US! Episode 6 & 7 REVIEW

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I LOVE Star Wars, but I don’t like Star Wars fans…

The Star Wars fandom is considered to be one of the most toxic fandoms there is. Let’s chat about the Star Wars community and my recent video that people have been watching called “My friend watches EVERY Star Wars movies for the FIRST time.” My buddy Matt got a lot of hate for his opinions on Star Wars, and I wanted to dive into that.

Matt made a video talking about some of the comments and also reviews episode 9 here: &t

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